Posted by: The Fry Team | May 8, 2017

What we like about the Monarch 9 French Vietnamese restaurant. 

Over the years we have seen this location be the host of other restaurants but I think we’ve found a winner in Monarch 9. 

When you visit this little find in the heart of the Savi Ranch area of Yorba Linda, you may very well be greeted by Quan or Ilene, the owners of this upstart eatery. The décor is clean and contemporary but warm and you get a sense of the treat you are about to delight in by the aroma of the Vietnamese spices as you enter. You can tell the owners have put their hearts into making their lovely restaurant a fun and satisfying place to dine, with a semi-communal table and lounge seating. 

I’ve come to love the Viscount Tofu and String Beans; thinly sliced marinated tofu and string beans pan fried with garlic, ginger and dried chili flakes and served with Monarch side salad and jasmine rice. It makes for a light lunch that’s satisfying and flavorful. For a beverage, try their Matcha Latte. It’s a little like a coffee but with a wonderful earthy taste that has just a little sweetness. Their Pho is the best in the area too. 

There is a reason Vietnamese cooking is so highly regarded, and Monarch 9 is a wonderful example of a family continuing the tradition of their culinary cultural heritage.


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