Posted by: The Fry Team | February 17, 2017

Are You a View Buyer?

We are view buyers. Nearly every home Michael and I have owned has had a view of open city lights or the sunset. And, we are more than willing to recognize this in the price we pay for our home.

Different views attract different passions.

City light enthusiasts love the twinkling affect as night falls upon their home.


Those who appreciate romantic sunsets hope to capture the gorgeous orange hues that spread across the horizon.



The fairways of the golf course offer peace at the end of the day when gazing across the green grass.

Hills views are often sought out by nature aficionados, who long to end their days feeling outside the hubbub of their daily lives.

Mesmerized by the ebb and flow of movement, buyers also seek the serenity and interest water views afford.

Each type of view brings with it a value that a buyer is willing to pay, and that value varies with the quality of the view (unobstructed, panoramic, angled, double-fairway, waterfront, etc.)

What type of view fits your lifestyle? How would you put a value on the view at your future home?


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