Posted by: The Fry Team | October 9, 2013

Fall Project File: Creating an Indoor Playroom

By John Voket

A recent national survey about home improvement projects indicates that more people will be renovating or establishing home working spaces and play rooms this fall and winter. So I will pick up on the trend by tapping a couple of experts about creating a fun and welcoming playroom.

Dan Fritschen at says homeowners should not be afraid to consult with interior designers, architects and design showrooms, which he says are a great resource for both finding playroom ideas as well as getting assistance with the design.

Fritschen  says the best way to get help from experts is to set an appointment. Bring photos of the room you want to remodel, along with dimensions for your room ideas about design themes and your budget.

Don’t forget to ask for samples that you can borrow because seeing that tile or light fixture in your home makes a big difference in making smart decisions for your garage playroom remodel.

John Powell ( at Powell Custom Homes and Renovations of Des Moines, Washington provides these tips:

Choose a theme – Plan the entire room around a single thematic element based on a child’s favorite subject, game or character. Or use the theme to create variety, such as a “story time” theme with your child’s favorite storybook characters incorporated into the décor. A themed, “special” room will give your child more incentive to spend time there, and will even help him or her to keep it clean.

Go crazy with colors – Neon paint colors are just fine here; don’t worry about matching or clashing.  Think about the fantasy worlds your children are seeing on television – the more outlandish, the more tempting the space will be for them.

Think small – Kids love spaces that are sized for them. Plan the space for smaller people, but think ahead so your kids don’t outgrow the space within the year.

Kids play rough – No matter how bombproof you make the space, someone is bound to knock his head against the side of any piece of furniture or anything built into the space. Try to find things with rounded edges. If you buy a piece of furniture with hard corners, ask your contractor to sand it down.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2013. All rights reserved.


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