Posted by: The Fry Team | July 24, 2012

Resourcefulness Results in Successful Purchase for Fry Buyer

With today’s limited listing inventory, resourceful Realtors can be hugely successful in helping their buyers purchase homes.

Recently, while showing every listing available in a buyer’s desired neighborhood, Mary noticed a photographer shooting a picture from her driver’s seat of a neighborhood monument sign across the street. Thinking that probably the only candidate for taking such a picture was either an appraiser or a professional photographer shooting a home about to come on the market, Mary pulled her car over in front of the photographer’s car. Telling her clients in the car, “I’ll be right back!”…she jumped out and ran over to speak to the photographer. Sure enough, she had just finished taking pictures of an upcoming listing, and as they were chatting…the photographer said, “Here’s the listing agent pulling up right behind me if you want to talk with her.” Glancing over, Mary saw another car pulling up behind our now mini road-block at the gated entrance to the development.

Jogging over to the listing agent’s car, Mary was thrilled to discover it was an agent she knew very well, and would welcome a refreshing professional transaction with. The listing agent was equally excited about the prospect of showing her listing, and offered to take us to the home right then. We all whipped our cars around, and drove to the nearby home that was soon to come on the market. We were able to view the home immediately, and Mary’s buyers fell in love with everything about the home – it was a perfect match to their goals. Negotiations commenced and concluded promptly, and we are scheduled to close escrow shortly. Everyone involved were amazed that we were at the right place, at the right time, and recognized an incredible opportunity that presented itself before us. Great hustle, quick thinking, and professional assertiveness accomplished Mary’s buyer’s dreams.


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