Posted by: The Fry Team | October 18, 2011

A Message From The Brea PD


It appears the daytime, door knock, suspects are back in town in YL. On 10-05-2011 (Wednesday) between about 1200 and 1300 hours there was a residential burglary in YL. The house was alarmed and the suspects made entry on the second floor and set the alarm off when they exited with the loss (Est. $40,000 in jewelry and electronics) via the front door.

A neighbor observed a silver or light blue older Lexus two door with a CA partial plate of 6Jxxxxx in the area and speeding away from the victim’s residence. The victim told me a on the same day as the burglary a male black wearing a hoodie type sweatshirt knocked at a neighbor’s house and was scared away by the maid who started yelling “911!” but failed to follow through with her threats.

In the past we have had similar suspect characteristics for daytime burglaries. We have arrested numerous suspects from the IE who are involved in gangs and routinely hit YL and South Orange County areas. Please pass on what to look for to local residents. Encourage residents to write down license plates of suspicious vehicles and if some of the characteristics below are noticed to have them call the police immediately.

  • Late teens early twenties males or females going door to door, when confronted they ask for directions or pose as sales persons
  • Subjects wear hoodies or hats to help conceal their identities
  • Secondary subjects usually on side of residence when door knock is done to expedite entry, they wear similar clothing but may have gloves on
  • May have burglary tools on them, pry tools, gloves, knives to cut screens
  • Get-away vehicle parked on the street or around the corner with cell phone or walkie-talkie communications with the driver
  • When contacted by police they usually have addresses from out of the area, Los Angeles, Riverside etc.
  • Vehicles used by subjects are not registered to anyone in the car, they say a “friend” let them borrow it, may be stolen or un-reported stolen


John A. Hoetker, Detective

Brea Police Department / Yorba Linda Investigations
1 Civic Center, Brea CA 92821

(714) 990-7618


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