Posted by: The Fry Team | October 4, 2011

What’s replacing the Borders Book Store in Savi Ranch?

photo from marketwire's press release article

    Borders shut down their location here at Savi Ranch, and we’re sad to see it go… but do you know what is sprouting up at that location next?

The Fry Team knows… 

    Freezer cases were being moved in today and we spoke to a ‘source’ only to find out a Sprouts Farmers Market is moving in! Sprouts is a new brand of store that focuses on products of a higher quality, meats and dairy from nearby sources and organic produce. Sprouts was recently acquired by Henry’s Markets, another excellent provider of high quality foods.

_The old Borders location provides a great deal of space and the Fry Team is looking forward to the nearby and convenient café and lunch spot. Some of our favorites include king sized turkey drumsticks, spicy peanuts from the bulk foods section and just about EVERYTHING from the deli.

_Also worth mentioning is the SAVI RANCH CENTER monument sign is being replaced. The old sign is being removed today.


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