Posted by: The Fry Team | July 5, 2011

The Fry Team at Prudential California Realty

Almost two years has flown by since the merge of our business to Prudential California Realty. This was a long-planned and smoothly executed strategy implemented to improve the brokerage firm representing our coveted clientele, and has proven to be an auspicious change for all concerned. The forward-thinking leadership and customer benefits to you were tremendously improved with this newly formed relationship.

It has become evident during these past two years that joining Prudential has proven to be invaluable for our team and real estate clients alike. In Prudential, you are now much more strongly represented by the leading real estate and financial services firm in the country, successfully closing escrows for more home buyers and home sellers than the next three companies in North Orange County combined! Our owner and management team are all local residents, working hard full-time to ensure we, as their team of skilled Realtors, excel and exemplify in knowledge, negotiation, and technology processes, along with the highest level of personal service.

We would like to share with you several excellent reasons to consider buying, selling or investing at this crucial time:

  • Interest rates are increasing
  • The 30-year mortgage may disappear
  • Qualified residential mortgage requirements could be much more stringent
  • Your dream home has never be more affordable
  • Buyers are definitely in the market to buy a home, open houses are packed!
  • Rents are expected to increase
  • Significantly more foreclosure properties are coming on the market

These are strong, compelling reasons to buy or sell now instead of waiting until later in the year. You may be waiting on the sidelines to see if prices will continue to depreciate before you purchase a home. Mortgage expense is a major piece in the overall financial picture of homeownership, and you’ll want to seriously consider this in timing your decision. Let us help you analyze your needs and challenges, and you’ll find us an indispensable resource working hard on your behalf.

So that you are personally included in evolving market conditions and excellent opportunities presented, please email us at to ensure we have your current email address. We want to keep you – our valued and loyal clientele – well-advised and more knowledgeable about your own communities and its influences. Your personal Realtors and friends,

           Mary Fry        Michael Fry


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